Pierre-Alexandre Huguenin — Portrait Photographer based in Geneva, Switzerland. © 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Studio Portrait in Geneva

To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart." — Henri Cartier-Bresson

You are the author of a blog and you would like a studio portrait to introduce yourself to your readers? You are an influencer on social networks and have a specific project in mind? Do you want a nice portrait that you can frame in your living room?

In addition to my corporate or lifestyle photo services, I also practice studio portraiture. Studio photography allows you to express another facet of the photographer’s creativity, since the photographer has absolute mastery in a controlled environment.

The secret of a successful studio portrait lies in the relationship the photographer builds with the subject. During a session for a studio portrait, my role is to listen to you and accompany you so that you leave with THE photo that meets your needs.

Can you tell me how a studio portrait photo shoot is done?

  1. Definition of your project. What is the context of the photo session? Is it for a blog, a casting, a book or any other personal project? This first step is important, as it gives the main orientations of the studio portrait. For example, it dictates the main theme, the atmosphere, the dominant colours, etc.
  2. Preparation of the photo session. I then propose a telephone appointment to tell you how the session will be conducted. This is also the time to discuss certain essential points, such as the outfits worn, the make-up or the accessories used.
  3. The photo shoot itself. The ongoing interaction between the photographer and the subject remains the key element of a successful photo shoot. I will give you all the necessary indications and explanations so that you can fully appreciate this moment. You will also have the opportunity to view the photos “live” on a computer screen in order to see what to work on during the session.
  4. Uploading of the pictures in a “Proof Gallery”. Immediately after the session, I put online a selection of the best pictures in a ” Proof Gallery “. You will then be able to choose in this gallery the photos you want me to work on in post-production for their final rendering.
  5. Image editing. I then edit the photos you have chosen. This work includes editing, retouching and colour grading so that the images have their own special touch to match your project.
  6. Delivery of the final pictures. I finally send you the photos in high definition JPEG 300 DPI format. The images are grouped in a ZIP file that I put online on SwissTransfer.


It was a pleasure to work with Pierre-Alexandre. He knows how to put us at ease and make us feel confident.



Highly recommended, especially for those like me who do not feel comfortable in front of the camera. I had a lot of fun during the session; Pierre makes you feel at ease.