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This blog contains all my latest articles related to photography. Between tips, theoretical reflections, practical exercises, personal projects and gear reviews, everyone will find what they need to broaden their photography knowledge. Feel free to share your comments at the bottom of each article!

How to use the Sony a7 III with a remote control?

In an article published in January 2019, I talked about my love story with the NX cameras manufactured by Samsung. However, after having done countless photo projects with the NX 1 and NX 500, I realised that two things were bugging me: high-ISO handling and the AF system. In fact, above ISO 5000, the photos produced by these […]
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Remove shine from portrait

How to remove shine on portraits?

You have just started to take portrait photography and begin to enjoy discovering the different facets of this art. However, one day, following a photo session, you discover a quirk on many photos…. Indeed, the skin of your subject shines! Shine can quickly ruin the photographer's efforts to achieve the perfect portrait.
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Samsung NX 300

How to control your Samsung NX with a remote control?

Since the acquisition in 2015 of my Samsung NX 500 and in 2018 of my NX 1, I have been building a special relationship with the Korean brand’s cameras. As a matter of fact, even today, these two cameras have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the latest technological advances in photography. […]
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How to do Mountain Photography in Winter?

Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year to take pictures. In the mountains, the landscapes adorned with their white coat will give a magical side to your photos. Being fortunate enough to live in a mountainous region, I can regularly do this exercise and learn from my mistakes to capture better […]
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Long Exposure at Lake Geneva

How to do Long Exposure Photography?

Here we go again in Geneva for some long exposures. As you know, I’m really keen on long exposure, as it takes creativity to another level. When it comes to this type of photography, one should strive to find new angles and compositions: a long exposure isn’t indeed an excuse for a lack of composition. […]
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Car Trails in Geneva III

Long Exposure in Geneva: Car Trails

The cold temperatures of the winter season aren’t promising to a stroll in the streets of the city in the evening. Although I don’t like very much going out at night when it’s cold outside, I opted for some long exposures in Geneva. Initially, I wanted to shoot Lake Geneva and the Jet d’Eau, as […]
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